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The Disappearing Cemetery

"... a fascinating mix of prose, poetry, history, and  commentary told from the perspective of a small town in the mountains of Tennessee. This book expertly weaves the true story of a neglected family cemetery with the cross-currents of history.” (review by The Irascible Professor)

Scattered Thoughts

A compendium of epigrams, poems and short commentaries that touch on some of  life’s most compelling questions. Why do we put our faith in money? When is it okay to not keep a promise? What makes a hero? Scattered Thoughts offers insightful answers to these questions and many more.



Artists of the Forest

An enchanting and entertaining celebration of the lives and art of several Appalachian artisans. From exquisite white-oak baskets, to pure high-lonesome vocals, to authentic backwoods banjos, this film is a sumptuous feast for  the eyes and the ears.

The Seventh Day

The Seventh Day is not for the faint of heart or the narrow of mind. It is an evocative blend of music and pictures that exposes the long, sad history of war – and man’s inhumanity to man. It is a sometimes brutal look at the worst evil humans inflict upon each other all too often in the name of God.


A collection of songs and pictures with a Native American perspective. The accompanying booklet features poetry and illustrations by the author. Since this is a handcrafted item, it can be personalized, making it a wonderful gift for that someone special.

Live at the Dogwood Center

A live concert filmed at the Gerber Foundation's Dogwood Center in Fremont, Michigan. With this video, you have a front row seat that's as close as possible to being there. The performance is filled with wonderful original songs, warm wit, and wry observations about life and love.



Requests · Easy Ridin' · Can I Just Go Crazy? · Real Men
Need Mo' Wine · Grammaw Jack · Memories
You Got It All · Daddy, I'm Sure Missin' You Tonight


Soulofhawk · Trail of Tears/Tsali · Wild Ones · Land of the Seminole · Seattle Last Call · Armies West · Crazy Horse · After the Battle · Custer, Can You Hear Me Now? · Great Smoking Beast · I Will Live Forever · Sing Me

Voices from The Disappearing Cemetery

Calgacus · Macbeth · Prince Henry Sinclair · Guy Fawkes · Thomas Jefferson Sequoyah · Tsali · Nathan Bedford Forrest · Mary Surratt · Stand Watie · John Hendrix · Alvin York · John Scopes · Harry Truman · GI Joe · Buddha


Motorcycle · Easy Ridin' · Big Five-O · Need Mo' Wine
King Kong Cried · Big Boy Blues · Witches Brew
Strange · You Got It All


Wake Up · Real Cool School · Rules and Rules and Rules
Blue Gnu · Simon the Salmon · Rockin' the Playground
Dinosaurs · Seven Sisters · Bad Bones · Kidstuff

Live at the Dogwood Center
Guitars in Heaven · Waitin' On Wings · Grammaw Jack
Fire · Elvis Was Right · King kong Cried · Resurrection
Tennessee Waltz/Kentucky Waltz · Cottonfields · Searchin'


Big Mac Blues · Chocolate · Baby Ruth · Fingerlickin'
Chef's Surprise · Need Mo' Wine · Witches Brew
Velveeta · Doughnut and Jelly Roll

Dinosaurs · Megaladon · Horace the Stegosaurus
Diploducus · Stone-Age Rock · Terry the Pterodactyl
Tricia Triceratops · Stones and Bones

A Line in the Sand
- Florida's First Five Hundred Years
Written on the Wind ·Line in the Sand · Juan Ortiz · Fort Mose
War of Jenkin's Ear · Black Drink · Old Man Mose · Bone · The Postman
The Devil Went Down to the Keys · The Circle · Land of the Seminole


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